Love on the Telephone: Your Guide to Long-Distance Relationships

“Good morning Babe,” Mariam said over the phone, her voice soft with sleep.
Derek chuckled. “It’s afternoon here in Australia. Have you forgotten?”
“Oh, I wasn’t thinking. It was supposed to be a video call,” she sighed.
“I hope you’re okay. How is Dubai today?”
“It’s getting boring every day, babe,” her tone heavy with loneliness.
“I understand Mariam. You know we have to do this for our future.”
“You don’t understand. I feel lonely. My mother has been asking me to come home with a man. One of my former colleagues even asked me for a date yesterday.”
“Seriously? Did you go?”

Navigating Long-Distance Relationship

Yes, it is a serious situation when two lovebirds live apart. Whether you’ve just met your soulmate or are in a committed marriage, distance can strain even the strongest relationships. It’s even more complicated after you’ve shared the vow.

The New Flame and the Faraway Land

Imagine meeting someone incredible. Sparks fly, conversations flow effortlessly, and you can’t imagine a future without them. But then, reality hits. Your dream partner has a job opportunity far away, a chance they can’t refuse. Suddenly, your happily ever after seems shrouded in miles and time zones.

This is a situation faced by many people today. Long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly common. While exciting and full of potential, the physical separation can be tough. Here’s how to navigate this journey, especially before taking the plunge into marriage:

  1. Plan for the future together
    Discuss your goals and dreams. Can you envision a future where one of you relocates? Is there a timeline for closing the distance? Open communication about long-term plans is crucial. Consider how well you know each other’s wants and needs. A strong understanding can help you decide if temporary separation aligns with your long-term goals.
  2. Keep the flame alive
    Technology is your lifeline! Schedule video calls, share funny memes, and send quick texts. These connections bridge the physical gap.
  3. Set a shared goal
    Discuss your future together, whether it is travelling the world or building a life in the same city. Shared dreams strengthen your bond.
  4. Make necessary adjustments
    Find quality time for each other, even if it means adjusting sleep schedules. Get creative with virtual dates!
  5. Embrace surprises
    Send care packages or plan virtual dates complete with fancy meals. You could order their favourite food through any food delivery app. A handwritten letter can also brighten their day.
  6. Share your journey
    Pursue your passions and share your experiences. Distance can foster personal growth, which ultimately strengthens your relationship.
  7. Build a support system
    Lean on friends and family for support. You can talk to an experienced therapist or counsellor. Remember, you’re not alone.
  8. Prioritise your well-being
    Long-distance relationships require effort, but not at the expense of your mental health. If the distance feels overwhelming, prioritise your well-being and communicate openly with your partner. It is your decision whether to wait for them or move on. However, respect their feelings by being honest about your plans.

When Marriage Faces the Miles

Maybe you’ve already built a life together, but a job opportunity or life circumstance throws you into a long-distance situation as a married couple. While the foundation of your relationship is strong, distance can still bring challenges.

Here are some additional tips to consider if you’re already married:

  1. Remember why you said “I do”
    Reflect on the reasons you committed to each other. This shared foundation will help you weather the challenges.
  2. Double down on communication
    Open and honest communication is even more critical in a long-distance marriage. Schedule regular check-ins, share your feelings openly, and work together to find solutions.
  3. Stay connected to each other’s journey
    Be present in each other’s daily lives, even virtually. Share stories about your day, celebrate successes, and offer support during challenges.
  4. Visit regularly
    Marriage comes with a strong desire for bonding, so plan regular visits to maintain physical intimacy and create cherished memories.


To summarise, relationships can only survive the distance through unwavering love and communication. It is advisable to discuss your goals during courtship and have a deep understanding of your spouse’s wants and needs. Long-distance relationships, before or after marriage, require effort, but the rewards of a strong, enduring love are worth it. Remember, communication, well-being, and a shared vision for the future are the keys to navigating the distance and emerging even stronger as a couple.

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