To Writers: What Kinds of Articles Does #HugDayEvent Publish?

Dear Writer,

We are impressed by your creativity, passion, and desire for the common good as you take your time to curate beautiful articles to educate and inspire your community. Please note that we appreciate your effort and collaboration.

This letter is a reminder of what we all represent as #Huggers as we continue to carry out the objectives of #HugDayEvent.

#HugDayEvent is a global movement promoting unity, good mental health, and positive actions. It focuses on touching crucial areas of our lives, including mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual health.

That entails that our events, articles, stories, entertainment, and community activities solely align with this objective: promoting unity, good mental health, and positive actions.

In the past few days, we have received various articles. We encourage you to review your articles to ensure they align with #HugDayEvent goals.

For clarity, here are some topics that might be helpful to your community.

  1. As migration increases in some countries, how does it impact marriages, children, and the families in your community? What can families do to foster unity and good mental health among themselves?
  2. How did you adjust your lifestyle when you newly got married? What are your experiences with motherhood? How can young couples adapt to the new phase of their lives? 
  3. What practical skills can #Huggers acquire to boost their income in your locality? How can they start and scale? How can they diversify or narrow down their income streams to foster good mental health?
  4. What verifiable event is coming up in your community that requires people’s attention to protect their well-being? Is it a tsunami, flooding, or any event in the news? What are your suggestions, and how do you intend to help them?
  5. When conflict arises in your country, your voice might save many lives. What is the pressing issue, and what are your unpolitical and unbiased recommendations to promote unity and good mental health in times of crisis?
  6. How can you overcome work fatigue? How can you deal with demanding jobs or superiors? What life skills, exercise tips, or personal growth journey would you recommend?
  7. What is your success story? What verifiable true stories inspire you? How did you cope with divorce, heartbreak, failure, rejection, or loss?
  8. How did you secure your dream job, or how did you start your business? What advice would you give a beginner on the same path?
  9. We are in the sixth week of #HugWorkout. What is your #HugWorkout routine, and what changes have you experienced? How have you helped your community to engage in #HugWorkout?
  10. Many people in the world face financial pressure that takes a toll on their mental health. What can help #Huggers to save, invest, and earn more?
  11. Your weekend or travel might be another adventure someone would like to explore. What is the story?

#HugWriter, feel free to explore other topics that resonate with the #HugDayEvent objectives. Let’s work together to make #HugDayEvent a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of political, religious, or social background.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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